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I believe in a community of people who do not know it yet – but they are capable of creating a ripple of change that is so strong it will without a doubt change the world. That’s a big statement and I stand by it. It can happen.

I want to use this section to talk about the concept of Doing Hard Things. I realize on the surface some people check-out immediately. Maybe the tone carries too much bravado. Introverts likely find the message too bold, too direct, too loud, and too extroverted. Cynics and contrarians, of which there are many, love to sit back in their comfortable, passive aggressive positions and cast stones. It doesn’t hurt me. In fact, it’s like fuel. I am reminded every day how important it is that we find people who “get it” and bring them together… because we have work to do.

I’m not suggesting life should be one continuous struggle but rather that we must be prepared for the moments it is. Doing Hard Things contains a vast range of activities spanning from physically demanding endurance events, to volunteerism in your community, to serving a greater good when you could just as easily serve yourself, to struggling through real-life adversities such as personal or family sickness or loss.

Doing Hard Things can be physical, emotional, personal, public, private, voluntary, and involuntary. There’s really no known limit to where the idea and value of doing hard things cannot or will not be effective.

Voluntarily doing hard things involves activities such as weight-lifting, mountain biking, trail running, road running, swimming, and many more examples. Each activity if done consistently and with proper planning will result in improved physical health and wellness. There’s no doubt by making exercise a building block of your life’s foundation you will benefit a great deal from improved mental and physical stamina. Your mind and body will be accustomed to the rigors of mental and physical challenge.

Other voluntary activities that involve doing hard things: volunteering your time, putting others ahead of yourself, admitting when you’re wrong, or generally trying to get an accurate picture of reality, even when it’s unpleasant or inconvenient.

I’m trying to point out things we can do, as individuals and communities, to create more continuity and less friction. I’d like to think if we assemble enough people we’ll begin to see a tangible impact from our actions and commitment. Life is too short for us to waste precious time engaged with each other as cynics and contrarians.

While this brief stream of consciousness doesn’t tell the whole story… I think it shares enough… to get us started telling the rest of it.

DHT is an Ethos.


Have a story to tell? Lets tell it. Hit me up at toddpoquette@mac.com

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