Josh and the Crew over at Sports Rack hooked us up with a couple of Salsa Mukluks this morning so we could put eyes on trail conditions and the signage. Arrows started going up today. I believe Danny hit the west-end yesterday. Completion of all signage will not be done until after midnight Friday night. Just a heads up if you’re trying to ride the course and suddenly lose the signs.


Trail Conditions: Simply amazing. It warmed up today but temps are headed south tomorrow into Friday. NTN Singletrack and Range Area Mountain Bike Association have been kicking ass and taking names. They’ll have the trails dialed for race day.

Tire Choice: I’ve been getting a lot of questions about what tires to use. Hell, I don’t know. Ride what brung. As far as studs, in the words of RAMBA member Cam Remien, the only stud you’ll need is the stud on your seat.

Tire Pressure: 5-8 PSI. I can’t stress this enough. High pressure damages the trail.

Walk on the left: In the event you find yourself walking (and you probably will) WALK ON THE LEFT while pushing your bike on the right.

Let people pass: You’re gonna experience long runs of singletrack with no passing opportunities. Don’t hold up groups of racers – let em’ by.

Don’t be a tool: No one enjoys riding with or around a tool. Follow the suggestions for tire pressure, walking on the left and letting people pass. At the same time, if you’re one of the dudes trying to pass, be decent about it. You don’t need to be out there screaming at people.

NO SHUTTLE: There are no shuttle services.

ROAD RULES: Very simple. No one is stopping traffic. You have to obey traffic laws. Don’t get hit by a truck. Cross roads with extreme caution.

SNOWMOBILE TRAILS: Very simple. If you hit one they will win. So be careful. Stay to the right when you’re on the trail. I’d suggest putting a flashing red light on your seat post.  An important note: I meet with members from the local snowmobile board every year to request permission to follow and cross their trails. They’re a great group of guys and very supportive of our event. Without their support we would be screwed. So, do me a favor, eh? When some jackass from Nowhere, Illinois buzzes ya don’t go off and condemn every snowmobile enthusiast in the universe. Assholes are assholes… and you’ll find them on bikes just as much as you do on snowmobiles.



Event information: Just go here. Everything you need to know is there. Trust me. It is. Don’t call me (now) looking for all of the info you should have figured out a month ago. It makes me crabby. Where is my middle finger emoji when I need it?

IF YOU DROP FOR ANY REASON: Reference the photo below. Note the green arrow. Text “I QUIT” to the number on the front of your race plate. You can feel free to include special messages. Chris loves getting that stuff (he’s the guy getting all of the texts). We had some memorable stuff at the Marji Gesick last fall.



IF YOU ARE RACING THE ENDURO: Your main event Saturday race plates will double as Enduro plates. BRING THEM WITH YOU SUNDAY. DON’T FORGET THIS!



Matt has been busting his butt with an army of volunteers packing in three super-sweet Enduro runs. They are: EH LINE, FLOW to PORCUPINE and CHUNDER MUFFIN. If you haven’t signed up YOU SHOULD.



Long Racers will have a chance to earn one of the most impressive belt buckles I have ever seen. Gordon is truly one of the most creative metal working artists I have met.

We’re not telling you how many we plan to give out… because it depends on how many people quit. Every time someone quits we give out fewer buckles. How’s that? We’re going to award buckles to a certain percentage of the field that FINISHES. Each I QUIT text brings that number down.

Buckles winners will be announced at the After Party Saturday night at Marquette Mountain.


INSPIRED BY Jan Roubal we present the…

Jan Roubal Classic (because Jan truly is a classic)

This event will take place at the After Party (8:30PM). You MUST race one of the Polar Roll events earlier in the day to qualify for this… spectacle. No fresh legs for this one!

Riders will be lined up at the base of Rocket (a big ass ski run). They will ride to the qualifying line. Fall of your bike or dab before crossing the qualifying line and you’re out.

Cross the line and go for the cash. After crossing the qualifying line you can ride your bike, push your bike, run with your bike or drag it… you just have to keep it with you on your way to the money men. 

There’s a twist… You will race/climb to three people standing in the middle of Rocket. One of them will have $100, one will have $1 and the other will have NOTHING. The first finisher will pick a person followed by the second finisher picking a person… and the third finisher will have a person. The money-men will then reveal to each climber what they won. So… you could finish last and win $100.

IMG_1163 IMG_1087

No matter how many times we do this I am amazed by our community. Be sure to thank our volunteers. We can’t do this without them.

And don’t forget… proceeds from the race supports local trail organizations.

Special Shout to our SPONSORS! 

Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 8.50.52 PM





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