#DTHT is about DOING things we don’t want to do, avoid doing, pretend not to see, procrastinate, and let go. #DTHT is about NOT taking the easy way in: Life, Family, Work, Relationships, Commitments, Health, Fitness, Community Service and Personal Development.


#DTHT is also about STOPPING some of the things we do: Bad habits, procrastination, judgement, manipulation, cheating, lies, selfishness, and other counter-productive behaviors.


#DTHT is basically a call-to-action driven by and geared for PERSONAL ACCOUNTABILITY. I’m suggesting we sugarcoat things less, be more objective, more often consider opposing points-of-view and STOP viewing those differences as walls.


We build walls. #DTHT and take them down!


#DTHT is about deconstructing the paradigm of RIGHT vs. WRONG. Note: I am not speaking to the matter of morality, ethics, or law – all of which DO contain specific boundaries for right and wrong. See the next line.


#DTHT is about deconstructing the paradigm of RIGHT vs. WRONG as it pertains to OPINIONS. Right and Wrong is polarizing. It is a win-lose paradigm. In win-lose scenarios I believe we all eventually lose. Win-Lose drives people apart and puts them at odds. Adhering to a consistent respect for people, their opinions and perceived differences allows for compromise, new understanding and community. #DTHT then is about acknowledging and working through differences


#DTHT is an attitude or mindset: Rebellious AND A BIT ROGUE. In a previous post a month or so ago I lead the blog post off with “We want to be lied to…” #DTHT does not accept lies.  #DTHT is tired of being lied to (and manipulated). Do you know why bad people get away with bad things? It’s NOT because no one sees it. It’s NOT because bad behavior goes undetected.




#DTHT always serves the GREATER GOOD.. It does not serve personal agendas that may risk, limit or damage the long-term mission (greater good). Why? Because serving-self is the EASY THING… and the root of many problems.


I set out with one goal in this post: Shed light on the full scope of what I believe the HARD THINGS in life really are. While this little blog post leaves much to be talked about … I hope it leaves the reader (You) understanding I see the world as being much deeper, more complex, and more important than push-ups, dumbbells and long rides on a mountain bike. In fact, the activities previously listed are not the end-game (goal), they are the TRAINING necessary to do the REAL stuff in life that matters (refer to all of the previous content above).


That being said… I am going to wrap up with 10 THINGS FOR 2018. I have an appointment with the gym to #DTHT.


  1. Embrace #DTHT
  2. Create Change.
  3. Tear down walls, build bridges.
  4. Serve the greater good.
  5. See something, Say something.
  6. Don’t make excuses.
  7. Stop being offended.
  8. Be accountable.
  9. Don’t use “It’s just business” to do the wrong thing.
  10. Take a damn ride.


Ride On,




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